Facing the Shadow within.

Facing the Shadow.

Many of us will be forced to face the lenses of des~tiny mirror. Your OWN SHADOW SELF in the mirror. What you thought you knew about yourselves and the things you fear the most which must now befall you. All your aspects being brought to you to be cleared by your inner 🌞 🌙 EL.

What you may have memorized as your rote and rituals you are being called upon to change and grow.

See ROTE is not learning. That is simply mimicking.

Rote N 🍅 if you allow what has been outgrown to keep you away from your destiny.

Rotten tomatoes.

But T-e=Ache
Yo u must R=e Ach3 you internalize 👀 then…. We now are being called upon to change… Grow… To awaken and embrace/embody our divine self Aspects while in a physical 🌎 🚹 🚺 body. Learning to trance end gender and master all 12 UNIVERSAL Laws. 42 Principles of MAAT. 50 COSMIC LAWS. EMBODYING our highest SELF access to serve as planetary guardianship.

Project motion÷E=motion..

We are summoned to fully awaken and embrace our light. Embrace all the legends legendary 🎁 gifts.

The highest ©OM MON FA C TORA..
The MAG 1 © multiplayer multiplying A MORE OF ME.WE IONS IN §UΩ 🌞 NU ITE NUT. BLACK 🌞 SUN.

We are here to remember that we already did this.

Bring it ©M to you… The blueprint is in you.. In sinews every fiber.


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