My beautiful RA I SING

Great Rising. By Ras Ian Nathaniel Dawkins Β© 12:25 Sept(7) 2016(9)

RA 🌞 I Sing 🎢
A Mor~Ξ©~ing Glo Rey
In tox and tics
Ti~me Less Ley in
The 🌞 Sun is a L~ight
EL ~ G~ian~T L-ion
Sharing πŸ’˜ un-con-di~t~ion~ally
The Ally or All Eyes
Watches… ⏰ yet few ever = RE ALLY see.

Since the Dawn only the blind have never seen ….
Yet not to be /\/\÷Ean the 🌞
warms them as the Car~esses and essences….
EVEN with πŸ‘€ WIDE yet SHUT/OPEN all 3rd “EYE” sees VI=Β§=10Ξ©s to the (HD) πŸ“Ί
internalized SIGHT of all dreaming this reality.

Inspiring is my breath…
Ma lungs and my life gives
In and out a S.A.Β© red
A.c. Cord is…in..
Equally πŸ‘€ in Hale…. RA be hale… Equally πŸ‘€ eX hale.. RA be X hale from in and out of me.we Β©m to get he~r please.

In the Spire my ❀ is De Sire
My Mother’s intake.. My father’s th~rust.. His Ions with her oneness an Ova-t~Β‘~on Β©m together. The com pass ion inn ate the place=nta life from the fruits of explosive passion…

Mortal and immortal a play of WORDS THE PUN AN πŸ‘€ I ❀ swords yet pen~Ԥ~ mightier… The πŸ‘„ a dore.. The 😝 lengua and overnighter ignite her … Β© πŸ”₯ Lit (era-tu-re) lites the Β© Torus fields… To form the bridge between the planets…

The I M PORTAL of the Womb.
No jeers or jesters… 40 weeks… The 🍞 in the Ova Ovum the MiΒ©ro On~da… We both rode 🌹 that β›΅ from up and under…

9 is a beautiful number in the Di Vine fe me 9… Yet a plus+1 is always your hi-dd=en Β©0m Pan Ion.. Mother.Father +1 or Amor 🚼 comes thru from MAMA IN SIDE.. FED BY MAMA AIRES the umbilical cord. OM Billy a Caul…
Et Hopi ☎ Β©/\/\ 🌎 E.G. A CRADLE of Genomics from 12 Universal Galaxies… Still in your SKIN… ME LEY ININ RA HYDE….

WHOS YO MAMA DADA 🍞 OF LIFE… You is… We are.

Dedicated to Seven of Nine Happy Birthday YuniMatrix


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