The Patterns Apparent… The true PARENTS

It begins at the end.
The valleys preview
The shadows deaTHE/3ND.

Holy IN
Holy EN
As depicted in your stories…

The Creation and the destruction are opposing sides of the same CO/IN and OUT.

From a πŸ’‘ concept a pattern
(0) QUARK2 – ION
A gaseous or less complex expression…
STILL=PEACE=REST=BALANCE=HE/RE or SHE/RE mirrors of the same CO/IN Β© Di Evidence..

Just as your 🚹 🚺 parts get into each other to fertiliz(h)er egg.
The SACRED E.G. S.A. MPle of seed and egg coming together… Is shown in the creation replication of planets plan ets plants animals trees elements … Even a rain drop ❄ flakes carry the same symbol1Β©.

De note… The “<Β©>” its the symbol of a copyright πŸ”‘.
Who can infringe on the <Β©>RE A TORA or CREATOR’S creativity.

Was there not a promise composed of the 7 ARCHS 🌈 RA IN BOW and M ARROW 4seen was my annuity.

So what if my genesis was your nemesis? The portent of my content is my innate abilities..
Compass is a code guidance system and ion is in Nate..

From mic-ro-bes my dermis hides RA 🌞 genes… Hydra GENE rated A=LL FA BETA
And ALL for better COSMIC CELESTIAL IN OVA TEN “X” innovation isME…

A micro=COSMIC <Β©> and
Cosmos we are mIND2Mind. Eye 2i N i
RE 🌞 AteN reson-ance(IN) TiME~Β§~ 🌎 has a Pilot Navigation Systems…

πŸ˜‰ you can only truly access when you have the ~DIA~DEM~πŸ’ŽSacred Geometry GIA MAY 3 YAH…


By Ras Ian Nathaniel Dawkins 9:00pm October 21st, 2016
Its just a discussion in my mIND.


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