Access to the Healing Space and Process.

The Healing Space.

In this collection of LIVING CELLS we know as our interface on our planet… We have EVERYTHING that is outward operating in a smaller scale within our biologos.

I and others are finally learning once again how to tap in. It is like how we navigate Sundays thru Saturdays.. Each day representing a theme for an alignment with one of the stages of a develop=mental cycle we call a week. Or a month (moon) or a year (anu ani annual)..

We are conceived which is another develop=mental cycle of creating E.G. and seed unity.. Resulting (ending) in birth(death of a fetus) to a head or feet first leap into infancy(infantry) God’s footprints and βœ‹ SOULS JAH(YAH=HERE) souls with a RE 🌞 ASON.. SEA 🌞 SON… PURPOSE (PROPOSAL) to join a quest of ions reunification with the timeless advanced SOUL in service to TIME LINEAR to learn how to align with FREE WILL AND DIVINE WILL.

We do this in FULL KNOWLEDGE that we were COSMIC CELESTIAL SEEDS SOWN IN CULTIVATION for the great harvest which the FRUITS are CONSCIOUSLY EVOLVED SOULS that are WILLED to have this IND=!\Β‘/!=DUA=ted experience… From a singular cell to multi cellular unity… Autonomously doing the functions we call vessel reproduction respiration core creation.

Then after various schools of thought.. Experiences.. Like home, school/church work or self employment.. These are all stages of evolution where we… Grow teeth.. Learn to use tools.. Play cry hurt heal… Learning survival.

Like a time pyramid we climb from the numbers/measurements of your birth… (length breadth width circumstances astrology numerology and numerous other tools)… We use time to metamorphosize from a single cell (semen) to meet a 🌎 replica an OVA females egg/seed union… To whatever time we die..

Dying… Many times with each sleep session to awaken… Dying inside from not knowing (IGNORANCE), dying from depression, anxiety… And many other manifested symptoms of dis=eases of the mind/body.

We create those responses… Our spirit/soul sends them as opportunities to remember how much of an ALKHEMIΒ©al laboratory we are… The healing abilities to perpetually transmute all that is no longer in desired service to the whole body.

We have the tree of Life in us.. Yet if we never feel the Axe that chops the branch.. We wouldn’t know how to understand the lightening bolt that rents the trunk 🌳 and πŸ”₯ a forest. We never evolve from 🌳 to πŸ”₯ wood.. To lumber that make houses or furniture.

When you behold an antique farmhouse do you still FEEL the process of the birth death and rebirth?

How does the tree thank the fire.. The saw… The plane… The sandpaper…. All these were just tools that aided or murdered one expression… And were factors(factories) that influenced the final outcome.

Today.. Right now… I invite you to look thru yet another mirror. See yourself.selves at school dealing with the BULLY/BULLIES … What did it TEACH YOU… VICTIM/VICTOR and how ultimately… FACE YOUR FEARS…

Todays class is….

Facing that which we feared those most. How do we keep manifesting that TARGET/SITUATION over and over until we get MASTERY.

So join the dialogue… At 🌞 SET in about I will be recording a podcast on this (MP4) will be available on this discussion. If you wish to join this dialogue or obtain your copy of the podcast you may by making a donation via PayPal to
$23.99 it is a 2hour long town hall discussion with questions and answers sessions.

So I invite you to join this group healing.

I will also be conducting self healing workshops, spiritual ascension counseling by appointment this week. Β To schedule a session inbox me at inbox Facebook/Twitter/Google+

I am RAS


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