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Bio: A BEAUTIFUL place to REMEMBER DIVINE πŸ’˜ I don't have to agree with you in all of your perceptions to love you. I will VALUE the mirror that you are in your experiences and learn from it. πŸ’˜ U I don't have to be physically 🎁 present with you to πŸ’˜ you from A FAR I place the space between us with endless possibilities for you to grow your own mastery. I hold space for all. I see all our perceived differences between US as a PATTERN a sequence that unites the expressions of the all. I see all our sameness as an experience of the ONE.NESS IN ALL. I AWAIT A EYE A WATA HIYA WATA EYES TEARS OF JOY IN REALIZING THE SPARKLING POOL OF ALL TEARS RE JOINING IN ONENESS4 IVER 14IVER ONE FLOWERING IN THE RIVER OF LIFE FLOWING GLOWING IN ALL. Greetings beloved family of ASCENSION. Remember everything is teaching you. Even you. You are teacher my beautiful masters remembering the gifts. The dream teaches you awake. The awakening teaches you to dream. Align the dream with the awake state. Each of you us had this recurring theme in the dreams of being chased to the cliff. How do you turn back. Do you STOP and confront the monster that is you chasing you to the precipice? The precipice is that bigger monster with the maw opening as your jump off jump in or flight point. 111a 91s REALIZING SLEEPERS ARE IN DREAM SCHOOL DELTA clearing out distortions from within their astral creations. Each RE@ LIZ ING ALL EYES INTEGRATING THE FERTILE PLANE within. The win you need are your wings etheric in knowing taking flight in the AIR is like learning how to swim. You might awaken mid fall or you might take AWARENESS in flight. YOU @RE of DIVINE LOVE you are the one in control of your journey. You are reprogramming your matrix with Y-OUR love. Your GOD.DEΒ§-IRIE TO RE //IND YOURSELF IN YOUR HIGHER SELF MERGER HOW TO RIDE DRIVE FLOW WITHE THE //IND that is still you. You @RE of the ELEMENTS.. AIRE IN YOU A-ROUND YOU. Water in you AROUND you. PHI REY WISDOM ABLAZE IN YOU. CRYSTALLINE EARTH AG-ROUND YOU. LOVE WITH IN SUR ROUND YOU. THE LEAP OF FAITH UNBOUND IN YOU. RE MEMBER YOU ARE THE DIVINE VISION IN YOU. IN YOUR CHRISTED SELVES CELLS. THE ALPHA BETA CETA DELTA PENTA... SEXTO SEPTIMO OCTO NOVA X TEN-SION IN EVERY FIBER OF YOU. EL-EVEN BALANCE GUIDANCE IN YOU...1111 DO/3 D-0LIVE branch is you. TRI X FACTOR IN YOU. KAT OR SEE 13:13 ONE 4 U 14 YOU... 14U CLIMB RE CLAIM U. OM//@RE IM SA GURU IMANU Β§IDI 0M3 DROPPING BO-UND-ARIES Mapping NU CO ORD INNATES FREE DOME A CROWN B VI B RA TES SELAH BE RA TE CELEBRATING IN YE FREE YOUR MIND LET EACH CELL DANCE ELECT RI PHI WISDOM TO LOST FORGOTTEN TRIBES THE HERSTORY HISTORY IS NOW OUR STORY. STAR SHIP INHABITANTS MAGNETIC RESONANCE LOCKED AND LOADED.... 🌎 BEINGS ARE PINGING SPINNING. SOLARIS ❀ CHAKRA PULSING THROUGH AND THROUGH. MAMA 🌎 IS POPPING MAJOR LEAGUE ORGASM COSMIC COMINGS TOGETHER. The CUP=ID IS YOU. THE VESSEL FOR THIS DI-VINE SCENT IS YOU. YOU @RE THE MESSENGER OF Y-OUR TRUTH WANNABE GOD'S MUST ONE DAY BE COME THE RECIPE WITHIN MUST FLOW... THAT'S SURRENDERING. TO YOU. YOU @RE WHO THE DI-VINE SENT TO ASSIST EARTH.. YOU-RE Y IS A VINE GROWING IN EVERY FIBER IN EVERY DIRECTION. YOU'RE THE QUANTUM ENTANGLEMENT X WAVE PAN SION IN PROGRESS OF ENLARGEMENT GROWING IN LARGESS. EACH POINT IN YOU IS THE ZERO POINT WHERE THE COUNT BEGINS. IN YOUR ONENESS PROJECT IN"g" "G"0D-"i"s GROWING in YOU. YOU ARE FLOWERING. BLOOM WITH THE LOT-US IN HU. 11:11 AWAKENING.

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